About Us

R&D School Of Dance is based in Emsworth delivering fun, friendly and high quality teaching to students of all ages and abilities. From Our very youngest pre-school students, through to our adult Dancers there is really something to suit everyone whether beginner or training to go on to a dance college or to further your dance career!

Since opening in 2009, the School has grown from strength to strength and we are growing in numbers every month and more and more classes have been introduced including Acro, Limbering, Hip Hop & Singing lessons as this is now a massive part of dance if you wish to progress and make dance a career. We expect a high level of discipline and will not tolerate bad behaviour. However we do like every child to have fun and enjoy all their lessons. We love our school as a family and bad behaviour can disrupt lessons where we want every child to enjoy dancing and achieve their full potential.

We are also an anti- bullying zone and are extremely proud of all our students for their continued support and friendship towards each other.

Students have achieved outstanding marks in all ISTD dance exams and have had fantastic results at Festivals.

Through our commitment and passion for dance, we promise to deliver the highest levels of teaching, with professional care and attention given to all our pupils. All teachers are fully qualified, with lots of experience. We welcome you to our School and look forward to introducing you to the wonderful world of dance and song!